New Construction

CDI is the premier source for extraordinary high end, new commercial construction.  As an industry leader from ground up new construction to office tenant improvements, we set a standard of excellence in quality, value and integrity. Building a custom site is a team effort. We provide an organized, productive environment and process in which property owner, architect and designer can effectively communicate and work with our dedicated construction team. This insures that the project flows smoothly and is completed in the most efficient, cost effective way.


Through open communication and strong oversight we are able to perform new commercial construction with the highest degree of quality using the most talented craftsman, quality materials and the latest building techniques.

Value engineering

CDI provides a systematic, organized approach to obtaining optimum value for each dollar spent.  Through a system of investigation using trained, multidisciplinary teams, both value and owner requirements are improved by one of the following:
  • Eliminating or modifying elements and features not essential to required functions.
  • Adding elements or features that achieve required functions that have not as yet been attained.
  • Changing elements or features to improve quality or performance to meet more desired levels established by the owner/user.
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